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If you have had your furniture for even a few months, you may be surprised to learn how much buildup of foreign particles may be in the fabric. Dust, dead skin cells, oils from skin and more can build up over time, making your couch or other furniture less than clean. Here at Contour Cleaning, we offer upholstery cleaning in the Raleigh area that can remove all of these particles, leaving your fabric clean and fresh just like it was when the furniture was new.

Our steam cleaning technique for couch cleaning will eliminate allergens that may be lurking in furniture, as well as pet dander and other particles that can cause illness. We offer hot water extraction on a variety of types of fabric on furniture, which is designed to offer a deep cleaning for your upholstery that simply can’t be achieved by typical household vacuums or cleaning products.

When you opt for Contour Cleaning’s upholstery cleaning, you will not only see a difference in the basic cleanliness of the upholstery, but any stains will be removed in the process as well. The result of our upholstery cleaning services will be fresh-smelling furniture that looks good as new.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Packages

To maintain the level of clean on your furniture achieved through our hot water extraction method of steam cleaning, it is best to opt for our 3M Scotchgard® service once cleaning is complete. Once we apply this layer of protection to your couch or other upholstery, you will be able to easily wipe up spills and prevent stains, and it will help limit buildup of unnatural particles on your furniture. It’s a small investment that will allow you to enjoy your easy-to-clean couch/sofa for years to come!


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