Do you have crumbling or missing grout? How about cracked or chipped tiles?

How would you like to extend the lifespan of your tiled floor and help reduce future repair costs? Filling holes in grout can prevent water and contaminates buildup in the sub-floor or backer board of your tile floor. Removing and replacing cracked tiles will allow for a uniform appearance without total replacement. With your budget always in mind, we can turn destroyed tiled areas into new condition with our tile and grout repair services.

The cause of the damage is always the most important concern when it comes to repairs. If the grout or tiles are cracking for a structural reason, then a simple repair will not be of any use, as the damage will happen again. If the damage is caused by an issue that has been resolved or something that was a one time mishap (like dropping something to crack a tile), then our service is ideal.

What Tile & Grout Repair Services Can We Provide?

cracked-tile-replacement-raleighWhether your full shower needs to be re-grouted or a single tile needs replacement, we have the tools and experience to safely get your tile and grout looking like new again! Many contractors are happy to re-grout small areas, but do they know how to color match that grout again? Even if mixing grout from the exact same bag, the color is bound to be different. This is because a few reasons: the surrounding grout is dirty/discolored, the grout was mixed too wet or dry, the humidity difference, moisture trapped in sub floor or surrounding areas, and much more. To insure the exact same color, we use Color Seal on new grout and mix it into the grout to insure the correct color after it is completely cured. No more having 5 different shades of grout spread throughout your shower, floor, counter or fireplace!

Tile Repairs:

  • Loose or Hollow Tiles
  • Replace Cracked Tiles
  • Fill Chipped Tiles

Grout Repairs:

  • Cracked, Crumbling or Missing Grout
  • Pitting caused by harsh chemicals
  • Color Matching Grout Lines

Want the best solution for your dirty grout? Epoxy grout is the answer!

Regrouting with normal cement based grout is a great way to extend life on your shower or floor, however it does have its flaws. The same issues you initially had will begin to develop and will need to be addressed. For a more permanent solution, epoxy grout is the what you need! Although more expensive than a normal regrout, epoxy grout has many advantages that regular grout does not offer. Grout that is easily cleanable with light duty cleaners, stainproof for common spills and cleaners, highly water resistant, never needs to be sealed, extremely durable, and bonds incredibly well!

Epoxy grout excels in high traffic areas and areas with high amounts of spills/oils. Normally these areas can be VERY difficult to keep clean, even with sealed grout. Asphalt, tar, cooking oil, spills, and much more find there way to the grout on your floor and into its porous holes. Over time, they accumulate to the point where it can be nearly impossible to clean – even with professional grade equipment. If you home has large amounts of foot traffic or spills and you need a better solution, look no further than epoxy grout. Used mostly in commercial environments for its ability to resist staining and be easily cleanable to its original color, it has just recently become an affordable solution for you home! Ask us today about our process and to see if regrouting your floor, shower, bath enclosure, countertops, or backsplash with epoxy grout is your best option!

  • Simple to clean
  • Will not crack or deteriorate
  • Very consistent in color
  • Highly stain & water resistant
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Perfect for high traffic tiled floors, tiled countertops, tiled backsplashes, showers & bath enclosures
If the cause of the damage is not resolved, then normally we are unable to warranty the work. This is especially true in shower environments where there is often issues with moisture behind tiles or water not draining properly from the shower pan. In these situations where there are larger issues present with sub floors, bad installations, structural issues, etc, we suggest seeking a contractor who fixes these particular issues. Our repair services are purely for cosmetic fixes.

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