The Importance of Price & Value

Like most services, Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

When you select a carpet cleaner, you’ll choose from a wide variety of cleaning methods and prices.

Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends a truck mounted hot water extraction for all accessible areas.

Here is why:

1. It heats the water to a higher temperature. For every 18°F you increase the temperature above 118°F you double the water’s cleaning ability. As an example, if the water is 136°F it will clean twice as well as water at 118°F. 154°F water cleans four times as well as 118°F water. And so on until you reach our normal water temperature of 220°F – 240°F.

2. We use this hot water and cleaning solution at high pressure to shoot it deep into you carpet fibers, allowing it to break up all of the pollen, chemicals, dirt and bacteria. Normally this cleaning solution is shot out at around 300 – 400 PSI (pounds per square inch).

3. Truck mounted systems use super strong vacuum to draw up the dirt and other nasty stuff found in your carpets. Removing the majority of the sprayed liquid and only leaving the carpet surface relatively damp.

This thorough cleaning process, of course, is a bit more expensive than renting a regular carpet shampooer from the corner grocery store. However, these types of shampooers leave so much residual chemicals that it offers only a light surface cleaning (which will actually attract more dirt quickly) at best.

If you would like your carpet to have all of the soiling, dirt, bacteria, chemicals and pollen removed you will need to step up your cleaning method to a truck mounted hot water extraction system. This gives your carpet extended life and clean feel. The better you care for your carpet, the longer it will last, like most things in life. This means having your carpets cleaned regularly (normally between every 6-18 months depending on foot traffic and soiling) by professional, skilled, and qualified carpet cleaner who will thoroughly clean and disinfect using a truck mounted hot water extractor.

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