Spotting Guide:

Accidents happen, it’s best to be prepared. Knowing how to handle the spot as quickly as possible may be the difference in a stain and complete removal. So time is of the essence! There are many variables when it revolves are the source of the stain, however, to avoid huge tables and lists we are going to break it down into the procedure of effective spot removal.

1: Identify the Cause

  • Determine the cause of the spot initially.
  • If you are unsure, ask around the house. Knowing what it is CAN effect how you clean it.
  • If the spot is stiff or sticky you have a high chance of full removal.
  • If the spot is lighter in color it may be bad news. Things like bleach and acne medication cream often dye the carpet fabric.

2: Determine if it is a Spot or a Stain

  • A spot is a substance on the fiber itself which adds texture
  • A stain is a substance that adds or removes the color of the fiber
  • Stains are not easily removed and often permanent, however some specialty equipment can be used, so call us!

3: If the Spill is Fresh

  • Use a paper towel or white cotton towel to blot the area. Place the towel on the area and press firmly into the area, then release. Swap to a clean section of towel and continue.
  • Do not rub, as this can cause damage or spread the spill!
  • If the spill is thick in texture, use a spoon or the back side of a butter knife to lift as much of the spill away as possible. Work from the outside to the inside.

4: If the Spill has Dried

  • In this case, use a small amount of cool water and gently work the liquid into the spill. You can use a spoon or back side of a knife for this as well. Gently break up the spill.
  • Once the spill is broken up, use a paper or cotton towel to blot the area.

5: Continue Blotting Until There is No Transfer

  • If every time you blot you get a transfer, continue until there is no residue transfer. This may require re-wetting the spill.
  • At this point, grab your general spotter (or “Spot Out” provided by Contour Cleaning) and test in an inconspicuous area to insure no color transfer from your carpet or upholstery.
  • If no transfer, place a small amount of spotter on the towel and blot, working from the outside in.
  • Continue to blot again until there is no transfer or the stain is fully removed.
  • Do not rub or use a brush to agitate.

6: Once Complete

  • You can rinse lightly with water. Some spotters leave a residue, flush this out with more blotting and cool water.
  • Contour Cleaning’s “Spot Out” is pH balanced, so no rinse is required.
  • Place a small fan near the spot. This will dry the area quicker and not allow wicking time for the contaminant.

7: If Color or Residue Remains

  • Call a professional carpet cleaner to treat the stain.