Regrouting a shower can turn an old, dingy shower to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of a full retile! Having a uniform grout color is key to a clean looking shower. Over time, soap scum, hard water, chemicals and stains can cause discoloring, damaged, or missing grout in your shower. Often times the best solution is to regrout the shower and have a fresh start. Removing the old grout and replacing it with fresh grout can make a shower look brand new again!

At Contour Cleaning we provide a regrouting service specifically for showers which will remove the old grout and replace it, giving the shower a brand new look that is clean and fresh. By using quality grout we can allow breathablity behind the shower tiles to allow moisture to escape and not cause damage behind your shower. This is a very common issue with grout that has missing areas or leaks in a shower.

Regrouting also gets rid of all mold and mildew that may be growing in your grout which is common in older showers.

Missing, cracked & gaps in your grout can create a host of issues! Failures behind the tiles, mold & mildew growth, bugs, and much larger and expensive repair bills. Take care of your grout once signs of deterioration begin to show!

Bring life back to your old shower by regrouting and avoiding costly water damage!

In cases like these, there is no need to retile your shower, simply regrouting will give your shower may more years of life and improve the appearance.

Our steps to regrout are efficient and effective, completing most shower regrouts the same day and ready to use within 48 hours in most cases!

Want the best solution for your shower floor or bath enclosure? Epoxy grout is the answer!

Regrouting with normal cement based grout is a great way to extend life on your shower, however it does have its flaws. The same issues you initially had will begin to develop and will need to be addressed. For a more permanent solution, epoxy grout is the what you need! Although more expensive than a normal regrout, epoxy grout has many advantages that regular grout does not offer. Grout that is easily cleanable with light duty cleaners, stainproof for common spills and cleaners, highly water resistant, never needs to be sealed, extremely durable, and bonds incredibly well! Epoxy is also ideal for change of planes (where tile wall meets tile floor, bathtub meets tile wall, around shampoo niches, benches, etc) where silicone would normally be used. Expoy grout will resist mold and mildew and will not crack or deteriorate. Epoxy regrouts are long term solutions for an affordable cost!

  • Highly water resistant
  • Will not crack or deteriorate
  • Easily cleanable to original color
  • Highly stain and mildew resistant
  • Very consistent in color – no blotchy areas
  • Perfect for use in bath enclosures, showers, counter tops, backsplashes, & flooring

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