Does your shower or bath need new caulking?

  • Cracked Caulking
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Gaps in Caulking
  • Deteriorated Caulking
  • Leaking Caulking

A professional caulking bead is the final cherry on top to a clean shower or bath enclosure!

Silicone caulking is used around edges in showers and bathtubs to prevent excess water leaking and provide a water tight seal around a shower pan or bathtub. Mold and mildew growth on caulking is a common issue with low quality caulk and excessively wet environments. Removing the old caulking and replacing it with fresh silicone is suggested whenever there is mold buildup that cannot easily be cleaned or you begin getting cracks / holes in the caulking. There is no need for that old caulking to take away from the appearance of your bath or shower! A fresh recaulk with high quality silicone caulk can be the perfect finishing touch to a clean shower.

  • Clean & Uniform Appearance
  • Avoid Costly Water Damage Costs
  • Removes Harmful Mold & Mildew
  • Seamless Transitions
  • Color Matched Silicones
  • Built in Mold Inhibitors
Can’t remove the mold from your caulking? There is a reason! Mold & mildew will often grow from the back of the caulking through to the front, so no matter how hard you scrub, what harsh chemicals you put on it, it will never fully remove the mold. This leaves recaulking as the only solution.

Caulking can make or break the appearance of a shower – Just look at these differences!

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to silicone – Epoxy is the answer!

Although we use nothing but high grade silicone caulking, there are some situations where mold will develop abnormally quick. Shower floors that are constantly covered in water hours after use or have water constantly sitting in corners and cracks are bound to mold quicker than showers that don’t have these issues. To combat this, we suggest epoxy for those corner joints. Although it is more expensive, it is as permanent of a solution as you can have for these troublesome areas. Epoxy grout offers the same water tight seal as silicone, but with a few other advantages. It will allow some flex, so no cracking (unlike normal corner grout joints or acrylic type caulking), it cannot mold even when submerged in water for long lengths of time, is extremely durable and can be color matched to any grout color. With all of these advantages it is something we often suggest in higher end showers and for showers with issues of constant mold on silicone caulking. There are some things to look out for before applying this, such as if water has penetrated behind the tiles or if there is an issue with the shower pan. But if you are just tired of replacing the silicone caulking around your shower or bath enclosure every few years, this is solution!

  • 99% Waterproof
  • Ideal for tile to tub contact, shampoo niches, windows, tub to floor contact, and tile to shower floor contact
  • Never has to be sealed
  • No grout cracking
  • Color match to current grout color for seamless transitions
  • Longer life than 100% silicone
Epoxy grout is ideal for shower floors! Regrouting a floor with epoxy grout is the ultimate in protection and can stand years and years of abuse and still clean up to like new condition. If you have issues keeping your shower floor grout clean of soap scum, mold, discoloration, and other contaminants, it is the ideal solution! Although more expensive than color sealing or normal cement based grout, its durability is unmatched! Learn more about regrouting!

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