In need of a TRUE shower restoration?

Most Raleigh area homes that we restore showers on have 3 major issues – hard water stains, mold & mildew, & grout discoloration. All of which can be restored to get your shower looking new again! Generally showers over the age of 5 start to show these signs and maintaining a clean shower becomes more difficult as buildup tends to accumulate faster and faster. Our shower restoration services can get your shower looking like new again, making it easier to maintain and turning it back into your personal sanctuary. Our shower services include:

  • Glass Restoration & Sealing
  • Full Shower Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Natural Stone Cleaning & Polishing
  • Grout Restoration & Sealing
  • Caulking Replacement & Mold Removal
  • Metal Frame & Fixture Restoration & Polishing
  • Regrouting & Repairs
  • Shower Tile Cleaning Raleigh

What Can We Do For Your Shower?

Cleaning For All Shower Types:

  • Hard Water Removal
  • Recaulking / Silicone
  • Soap Scum Removal
  • Metal Polishing & Restoration
  • Glass Polishing & Sealing
  • Drain & Weep Hole Cleaning
  • Shower Head Cleaning

Man-Made Tile & Grout Showers:

  • Grout Restoration
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Clear or Color Sealing
  • Regrouting & Repair
  • Epoxy Grout & Regrouting

Natural Stone Showers:

  • Stone Cleaning & Polishing
  • Etch Removal
  • Regrouting
  • Stone Sealing & Color Enhancing Sealer
  • Epoxy Grout & Regrouting

Acrylic & Fiberglass Showers:

  • Deep Clean & Sanitize
  • Textured Floor Cleaning
  • Scuff Removal

Can’t get your shower clean? Leave it to us!

Our clients are amazed with our results! With showers being one of our specialties, we have developed our own system for bringing life back to old showers, safely and affordably! With the average tile shower replacement costing anywhere from $4,000-10,000, we can often restore showers for a fraction of the cost. Perfect for homes about to be put up for sale, homeowners on a budget, home buyers, property managers, and much more!

  • Shower Regrout, Tile Replacement & Cleaning | Raleigh, NC
  • Shower / Bathtub Restoration & Regrouting
For the ultimate protection of your shower or bath enclosure we highly suggest epoxy grout. Epoxy grout stands up to harsh environment of your shower or bath enclosure much better than traditional cement based grout. If you have issues with cracking, deteriorating, discolored, molded, leaking, or difficult to clean grout, epoxy grout is the solution! Check out our epoxy regrouting service!

More About Our Shower Services

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