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Concise communication, quality work, dependable, affordable, & prompt service. Pretty basic things that can be very difficult to find in a service company and something we are very proud to offer. We have developed our “Pre-Listing Service” based on talking to realtors about their exact needs and most common issues they run into when dealing with the cleanliness of a home about to go on the market.

Whether the home is in need of carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, shower restorations or any other service, we have tailor fitted our services to fit your exact needs to make a home easier to sell. Some common issues we see are carpets with heavy traffic lanes and staining, tile and grout with dull or inconsistent color, or showers with molded caulking, hard water on glass, and inconsistent color. All of these issues lower the perceived value of a home and can make it more difficult to sell. What if you had a single company who could take care of all these issues for a very reasonable cost? Seems pretty obvious it would be worth investing a small amount to get the house looking the best it can before listing it!

Even on trashed carpets we can get some amazing results, making a home look better and easier to sell. With multiple methods of cleaning at our disposal, we can get fantastic results and save you money from either replacing the carpet or offering a carpet allowance.
“If it smells clean, it is clean!” That is the how most potential buyers will react to a fresh smelling home. Removing old musty or pet odor smells will increase the overall perception of the home and make it much easier to sell! With many different grades of commercial deodorizers and odor neutralizers available, we can develop a plan for your listing to smell great to every potential client who walks through that door!
Inconsistent grout color is immediately visible and instantly makes it appear less clean. Uniformity is key with grout! Our grout cleaning and restorative processes can turn old grout into new again! For the worst cases we can even colorseal the grout and make it 100% uniform in appearance and easier to maintain for the new home owners! Ideal for tiled kitchens, entry ways, bathrooms and more!
Master showers are a sanctuary. But when the shower glass is full of hard water spots, molded caulking, and discolored grout lines, it becomes an instant turn off. Our shower restoration process can remove all of these common issues and allow potential home buyers to envision themselves in their new shower and master bathroom!

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