Does Your Carpet Have Pet Stains & Odor?

With packages designed to fit around your exact needs and budget our advanced pet stain and odor systems are ideal for homeowners, renter & property managers! Whether your needs is to remove all traces of urine from a carpet and padding, or have unsightly urine stains from your pet, we have proven systems to resolve nearly any issue.

Do you have indoor cats or dogs and your carpet has suffered throughout the housebreaking stage? If your carpet has stains from cat or dog urine, it can seem impossible to completely eliminate the stain yourself with traditional cleaning products. This not only interferes with the great look and cleanliness of your carpets, but can leave behind a faint odor as well. Here at Contour Cleaning, we offer pet stains & odor removal services in Raleigh and surrounding areas using hot water extraction and advanced pet treatment cleaning.

The stain you see on top of the carpet is really just the “tip of the iceberg”. As urine penetrates the carpet it pools in the base of your carpets, through the carpet padding, and onto the sub-floor (whether it be concrete or wood). That is why household methods of cleaning urine often fail, because it does not penetrate deep enough. Now, not all cases are this severe, it often depends on the size of the animal, if it’s a “repeat offender”, the density of the carpet fibers and if a carpet protectant is in place. The diagram to the left shows the penetration of urine deep into the sub-flooring in many cases. With plywood sub-flooring, urine is absorbed, causing constant odor. On concrete sub-flooring, the urine saturates more of the padding as the concrete will not absorb much liquid.

Our Pet Stain & Odor Removal Process

Our pet stain cleaning service begins with thorough cleaning using hot water extraction and heavy rinsing. This removes most of the urine located in the carpet fibers and the base of the carpeting. For a deeper clean we will then saturate the area (double or triple the size of the surface stain) using a odor encapsulate and enzyme which is allowed to dwell for a set amount of time. Once we have let the cleaning solution do its work we then use a special spotting tool to vacuum up the liquid cleaning solution deep from within the padding and sub-flooring. This is followed by more flushing of water to release as much of the urine as possible. We then proceed to adding a final enzyme which will continue to eat away at the proteins within the urine for up to 8 hours, lightening the yellowing effect of the urine. In some cases, multiple treatments may be required.

There are of course extreme cases where the padding and tack strips hold the carpet down may be removed entirely from the affected area and replaced with new padding and tacking. This is sometimes the best bet when we are dealing with large deposits of urine that have been allowed to dwell for long periods of time.

To continue to enjoy great-looking carpet while still having your cats or dogs inside, consider opting for our carpet protection service. Contour Cleaning can treat your carpets (and upholstery) with 3M Scotchgard™ to offer a barrier to prevent stains from setting and make cleanup easier, keeping your carpet looking great for years to come.

Our Pet Treatment Packages

With many different levels of pet stain and odor damage, it is difficult to quote pricing without seeing the issues first hand. In most cases our clients beleive their pet only had a few stains, however using our pet stain detection equipment, we find many, many more. Not a fault of our clients, but some pet accidents blend in perfectly to the carpets and make it difficult to see with the naked eye.

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