Do you have hardwater that just can’t be removed?

Hard water is a common issue in the Raleigh area and is most often found in showers, on shower windows, on counter tops and on windows. Normally hard water will pose as a white buildup that will normally appear clean when wet. Showers are notorious for this and it can be very difficult to remove severe buildup without professional tools. Certain stone and colors show hard water easier, such as dark tiles, dark grout, and slate.

  • Tiles
  • Grout
  • Glass
  • Metal Frame & Fixtures

Severe Hard Water Buildup Requires Professional Tools to Safely Remove

Traditional methods of hard water removal can have some adverse effects.

Things such as lemon juice, vinegar and acids can etch away at metal in showers or window casings – not showing immediate effects, but longterm effects. Removing hard water correctly will not cause any of these effects and will give you an effective and safer cleaning.

How do we do it?

We professionally remove hard water buildup using specialized mineral composites and pads on rotary buffers. This process can remove even the most severe cases on windows and in showers without the use of acids, providing crystal clear windows and clean shower surfaces.

Hard water deposits damage more than meets the eye. As hard water etches and eats away at the surface it also allows detergents, soaps and other contaminants to breach the surface. What does this cause? Less reflectivity, a weakened surface, and more difficult to clean surfaces. Removing hard water at the source is always suggested, but once hard water deposits are under control, maintaining showers and glass can be a much simpler task with sealers and other additives that can help wick away water and not allow water to sit and leave behind the hard water deposits.

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