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Get superior performance from your grout by having it professionally cleaned and sealed! It’s truly amazing the difference premium sealing can provide to a kitchen, bathroom, entry way or any other tiled location. If your home is prone to spills, grout sealing shouldn’t even be a questions! By having us apply a premium clear sealer to your grout you can have piece of mind that common spills will not cause immediate staining to your grout lines – ideal for light grout!

Grout sealant is a protective coating that provides an invisible barrier in the grout, repelling liquids and stains from penetrating the porous grout lines. There are many variations of grout sealants on the market, but the main purpose is to suspend liquid staining agents from penetrating into your grout quickly. With unsealed grout, liquids are allowed to penetrate inside all the microscopic holes in the grout and fill with dyes, organic matter, and more. Traditionally, removing these stains is painstaking process on your hands and knees with a toothbrush which provide substandard results, but new tools are available to remove these with ease. Check out Tile & Grout Cleaning for more information about the cleaning process.

Does My Grout Need Sealing?

A simple to test to see how absorbent your grout is, is to place a small bit of water on a grout line. How quickly does it absorb? 60 seconds? 30 seconds? 15 seconds? That is how long it will take for your grout to get stained with anything water or oil based. After that point you will be unable to wipe up spill and liquids and it will likely result in a stain that will be difficult to remove.

With premium sealers you can avoid difficult cleanings and keep your grout cleaner, longer. Many tiles can also be sealed. Most common tiles already have sealant applied when being produced, but this can also wear off over time and can begin degrading the tiles themselves. There are plenty of options when it comes to sealing, including premium invisible sealers or color sealers. If you are happy with the color of your grout and just want to keep it the original color, clear sealing is the best option and is very affordable and should be applied right after a thorough cleaning of the tile and grout.

Benefits of Sealing your Grout

  • Slower penetration of water and oil based liquids
  • Generally allows easier cleaning
  • Inexpensive and ideal to apply post cleaning
  • Premium grade sealers do a fantastic job and last a very long time

Disadvantages of Clear Sealing your Grout

  • Not breathable – water behind the grout will not evaporate easily
  • Is not stain proof – Grout will still stain if liquid is left to dry
  • Consumer grade sealers do not last long nor provide good protection
  • Better solutions available for more durable sealers
Although clear sealing is better than no protection, there are quite a few disadvantages to using it. Professional grade color sealing is what we normally suggest, as it has all the pros of clear seal, plus additional benefits and very, very few disadvantages. Find out more information about our colorseal!

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