Glass Polishing on Shower Door

Is the glass in your shower doors or windows driving you crazy with hazing and hard water deposits? Our system for cleaning shower glass can provide crystal clear polishing and bring them back to like new condition! Correctly removing contaminates from glass and bringing the glass back to a factory clarity is not something most homeowners can achieve. Using certain homemade remedies and some store bought cleaners can cause etching in the glass, causing additional hazing.

Our system allows us to completely clean, polish, restore, and seal shower glass doors and windows, removing all contaminates like hard water and light scratches to bring back clarity. With clarity restored, shower maintenance becomes a much simpler task!


Glass Polish & Sealing Results – Sealed Vs Unsealed

Polishing glass is a multi-step process which involves cleaning the glass thoroughly, applying a paste that will help remove contaminants and hard water deposits, and buffing the glass to a brilliant shine. Once the glass has been polished, sealing the glass is the final step.

Our choice glass sealer applies a coating to the surface of the glass that will last up to a few years. This coating repels water from the surface and causes beading on top of the coating, instead of the glass itself. When hard water is a allowed to dry directly on the glass it will slowly eat away causing etching. By using a sealer, hard water will be unable to contact the glass itself. This system makes glass maintenance a breeze by simply wiping away any water with a microfiber cloth. Even basic cleaners can be used on the sealer without adverse effects, however the stronger the chemical, the quicker the sealer will wear away.

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