Extend the Life of your Carpet

Carpet itself is a large investment for homeowners, it only makes sense that you would take measures to increase its life.

Most carpet today is made up of synthetic fibers. These include nylon, polyester, olefin, and some acrylic. These offer a huge increase in durability over the older, natural fibers homeowners used to use. But the synthetic fibers do have their downfalls – they “ugly out“. They flatten, loose their shine, the fibers become crushed, and get scratches on the surface. In your household you have thousands upon thousands of small thread like fibers twisted together to create each tuft. The fibers themselves are nearly transparent, allowing light to pass through them, similar to colored plexiglass. But as these fibers become warn, they begin to dull, scratch, and become dirty. Much of this happens once the initial protectant (applied by the manufacturer) wears out.

Every step on your carpet allows for soils to grind their way into the carpet fibers and scratch them. Eventually this will lead to irreversible damage – wear. This is most common on stairs and high traffic areas. Take a look around, notice any graying out in the carpet traffic lanes? That is the fibers being scratched. However there are plenty of steps you can take now that will remove these particles from scratching the fibers.

So lets get into it. Here are 7 tips to increase the appearance and life expectancy of your carpets:

1. Vacuum Regularly

  • We suggest a vacuum attached with a sturdy beater bar to help agitate the fibers and release their soil
  • HEPA filtered vacuums (like the ones we use) are great for removing the finer soils and allergens
  • Vacuum at least twice per week in high traffic areas. Even more often if you have children or pets
  • Grooming your carpet is also recommended. Brushing the carpet to stand on end prevents matting and flat spots. This also allows your vacuum to penetrate deeper, removing up the 23% more dry soil!
  • If you do not have a carpet groomer, contact us and we will assist you

2. Use Walk off Mats

  • Every entry into your home should have an outside mat that is durable enough to remove mud and large debris
  • It should also be absorbent to remove excess moisture
  • Make sure they are made of durable material which can withstand the elements and heavy soiling
  • Inside mats should have rubberized backings to prevent creeping and lay flat against the interior surface
  • These should be machine washable to remove the large excess of soiling

3. Use Inside Mats Wherever Possible

  • Place mats in the kitchen to prevent oils and foods from being tacked into the carpeted areas of your home
  • Use indoor mats in-between rooms on hard surfaces

4. Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

  • Nearly all vacuum cleaners in today’s homes are ineffective. Why is that? Because the bag is over 1/2 filled. Once soiling reaches to the 1/2 way mark on a bag, the effectiveness of your vacuum is greatly reduced
  • Once the bag is 1/2 full, empty or swap it out
  • Check the brushes and beater bars on your vacuum to insure proper movement. Make sure the vacuum is properly adjusted to allow light grazing from the brushes. If they don’t, you can be loosing nearly 50% of the efficiency
  • Replace and adjust brushes if needed

5. Remove Spots Quickly

  • Most spills can be removed if treated quickly. However, the longer the spill stays on the fibers, the greater the chances that damage or staining may result
  • Use a quality general spotter around (such as the one Contour Cleaning provides) to help remove most spills with simple blotting

6. Have Your Carpets Professionally “Steam Cleaned” At Least Once A Year

  • To allow even better life span of your carpet, clean the traffic areas using a professional steam cleaner every 6 months
  • Never wait until the carpet is visibly soiled before having your carpets professionally cleaned. If soil is apparent, it is likely wear is throughout your traffic areas
  • Oily residue is the most common cause of soiling. It allows soiling to attach itself directly to the fibers, not being removed by regular vacuuming
  • Professional Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) is the most effective way to remove this oil buildup and thoroughly clean your carpets
  • The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends residential carpet cleaning be performed at least 1 time a year. Up to 4 times if children and pets are present. This more frequent cleaning will insure maintaining a healthy indoor air quality

7. Re-Apply Protection After Each Deep Cleaning

  • The stain resistant coating on carpet bought brand new wears away with use and cleaning. Re-applying this protectant will not only increase the lifespan, but ease in the cleaning process

If your carpet is due for a cleaning, give us a call today at 919.813.0713 to give your carpet the most thorough cleaning it has ever had, or your money back!