Get a better, more affordable commercial cleaning experience for your carpets, tile & grout, and restrooms!

Concise communication, quality work, dependable, affordable, & prompt service. Together they are a powerful package for any service provider. At Contour Cleaning we are sure to have these qualities for all of our commercial clients. From restaurant cleanings, to high rise offices, we have the tools and knowledge to restore and maintain your flooring.

With clean flooring you show your clients that you are diligent &┬ámeticulous – someone they want to do business with. Don’t have your employees stumbling over carpets or tile that are covered in stains and dirt – give them a clean and fresh environment to work in and you will see productivity and moral boosted! Or how about that bathroom that no one wants to use because it is covered in grime? Breath life back into your office with our commercial cleaning services!

Maintenance cleanings & aggressive restorative cleanings are available for all commercial glue down carpets, as well as walk off mats. If the traffic lanes are getting darker or there are stains spread throughout the carpets, we can get that carpet looking great again and keep them that way.
Let us take care of the dirt and grime built up on the tile and grout in your commercial building. Our process is top of the line and sure to bring back fresh, clean looking grout lines and remove the buildup on tiles that a simple floor scrubber & mop just can’t.
We turn old, dirty bathrooms into new again with our deep restoration cleanings. Let us bring life back to your restrooms, removing stains, deep scrubbing and cleaning everything from flooring, stalls, urinals, tile & grout, and more.
Remove years of oil and buildup on your office chairs or other upholstered furniture. Using a variety of techniques we can bring life back to old soiled chairs, upholstered cubicle dividers, and more.

What makes us different?

Green Cleaning

We have options for pure green cleaning, either using low moisture cleaning or steam cleaning.
We understand some companies prefer to only use green cleaning products. Although sometimes a bit more difficult to work with, we can often achieve the same results as many of the more aggressive cleaners.

No Fragrance Cleanings

For those more sensitive cleaning locations
Some locations such as retirement homes we have found prefer fragrance free cleanings. This is an option very few other cleaners can provide as most cleaning solutions are loaded with fragrances.

Low Noise Cleanings

For areas with 24 hour staff
Using low moisture cleaning we can keep noise to a minimum and still achieve amazing results. Many commercial locations prefer this setup to avoid disturbing their employees, tenants, guests, etc.

Closed Door Cleanings

For secure locations where doors cannot be open during the cleaning process
Our low moisture cleaning system will allow us to clean with doors closed policies.

Quick Drying

No more long dry times in commercial environments!
Low moisture cleaning allows us to clean during normal business hours and limit the liability of falls and slips by using quick drying techniques.

Restroom Restorations

Are the bathrooms in your office buildings a disaster? Bring them back to life with our restorative cleanings specifically designed to treat the most common issue areas in restrooms. We offer a full range of cleaning packages and offer full protection and maintenance as well to insure your bathrooms look great year round!

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