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red-stain-removal-raleighIs your Raleigh home carpet’s covered in stains? From food and drink spills to oils, paints and greases, a carpet can get dirtied up quickly! Removing these stains correctly is no easy task either! Homemade remedies, store bought carpet cleaners and more can have harmful effects to your carpet that you may not even be aware of!

Using professional grade cleaning solutions, we can remove nearly any stain that is commonly found on carpets. Not only can we remove these stains, we can do so safely! Leaving chemicals from your store bought stain remover not only leaves a ton of residue that attracts soiling, but the chemicals stay in your carpet and are never properly flushed out! That is bad news for parents and pet owners whose children and animals are in close proximity to these chemicals.

In most cases, store bought and home remedy stain removers will do an okay job on the surface, but it is merely a quick fix. Removing stains properly takes a thorough flushing and pH balancing to insure no sticky residues, chemical residues, or quickly returning spots.

What Stains & Odors Can Be Removed?

  • Candle Wax
  • Chocolate
  • Wine & Juices
  • Synthetic Dyes – Gatorade, Koolaid
  • Make-up & Nail Polish
  • Crayons & Markers
  • Paint – Oil & Latex Based
  • Rust & Coffee
  • Blood, Vomit, Feces
  • Pet Stains
  • Natural Dyes – Plant Stains
  • Inks & Toner
  • Shoe Polish, Tar, Oil
  • Pet Odor
  • Cigarette Smoke

More Info About Stains & Odors

Although some exceptions, nearly all stains and odors can be removed from carpets. Things such as age of the carpet, if the stain has been cleaned with certain chemicals, type of carpet, age of the stain & UV light exposure can make some stains permanent. Odor is very similar, as most odors can be removed from a carpet, however with issues like smoke odor, the carpets are just one piece of the puzzle – odors get embedded in the walls, paint, ventilation, ceiling, baseboards, and much more, meaning all of these sources will need to be cleaned to insure full odor removal, however carpets by themselves are a very large piece of this puzzle.

So, what are some stains that may not be removable? There are a few that cannot be removed without either re-dying the fibers or spot replacing the area. Spot Dyeing can be done in a few of these situations, such as dye stains and bleach spots. Damaged areas like burn marks cannot be recolored, and will need to be repaired with a new piece of carpet.

  • Bleach / Oxidizing Products
  • Burns
  • Some Dye – Natural & Synthetic

The same can be said with odors that are trapped in your carpet. Spraying your household with a fragrance merely covers up the source of the issue. Soon you will be spraying the odors away constantly, and that perfume can only do so much. Professionally extracting the CAUSE of the odor is key! By removing the cause of the smell you can then breathe easily. Using extremely hot water, high powered vacuums, and professional grade deodorizers we can eliminate nearly any odor that may be lingering in your carpets! Contact us today and we will be happy to suggest a solution for your carpet’s stain and odor issues!

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