Carpet Protection

Carpet protection is a fundamental part of carpet cleaning. With damage occurring to your carpet with every step from sand and grit scratching your carpet fibers, it’s understandable why carpet seems to wear out so quickly! Nearly all modern carpet is manufactured with a built in stain inhibitor and wear protection, however, over time this wears away and should be replaced.

At Contour Cleaning we always suggest re-applying this carpet protection back onto your carpet after a cleaning. It will add years of life and help resist many of those common stains that can be prevented. It also help greatly reduce the formation of traffic patterns within a home, allowing it to look and feel cleaner.

We offer multiple options of carpet protection depending on your budget and house traffic. For premium carpet protection we always suggest 3M Scotchgard. Scotchgard will help avoid nasty stains by using it’s teflon style coating to add a barrier between your carpet fibers and contaminants. We also offer GreenGuard which is more budget friendly and does a great job of protecting your carpet, although not lasting quite as long as Scotchgard in our experience. This is normally not an issue when carpets are regularly cleaned every year or so, as much of the protection is removed during steam cleaning and it should be re-applied regardless.

Should I Use Carpet Protection In My Home?

The short answer is, yes! It is a great investment any time you have children or indoor pets, as carpet protection not only keeps your floors looking great, but also extends the life of the carpet. When you get your carpets cleaned, your home looks and smells fresh, and your floors often look good as new again. To prevent your carpets from receiving the buildup of dirt, stains or other issues that can interfere with the great look of your home or business, opt for our genuine carpet protection. This carpet protection makes it easy to clean up spills without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Carpets take a beating and are expensive to replace! Protect your investment with premium carpet protection after each cleaning to insure years of life and avoid the dulling out of worn & dirty carpets. For a difference you will notice, have Contour Cleaning apply 3M Scotchgard or GreenGuard to your carpet today!
Upholstery is another area in a home that receives tons of use and is not regularly cleaned. With food & drinks often being used around them stains are bound to happen. Regular cleaning is great, but what if you added a protective barrier around your sofas, couches, & chairs? Imagine being able to remove stains easily while still preserving a like new appearance! Contact us today about getting your upholstery protected with premium upholstery protection!
How much time to you spend in your car? How clean and sanitary is it? Do you have stains built up everywhere with spots from food and drinks? What about kids who inevitably have accidents, spilling their drinks? Protect the interior of your car with our premium protection! Add a barrier around your upholstered seats, carpets, floor mats and other carpeted or upholstered areas! This will insure simple cleaning and maintenance and help improve the cleanliness of your auto interior!
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