Carpet Protection: It Really Works!

The average carpet is replaced every twelve years, even though it begins to show signs of poor care after only three to five years. The carpet industry refers to this as “Uglying Out“. Notice they do not call it “Wearing Out”.

The condition typically affects the traffic lanes and areas in front of furniture and doors. They quickly become looking dull and soiled.

Today’s lighter colored carpets require regular professional care to keep them looking great until they truly wear our.

Why carpets “Ugly” out before they Wear Out:

1. From the Factory, Fibers are fresh, new & protected.carpet-protection-scotchgard-factory

This is what your carpet fibers look like when they’re fresh and new and just arrived from the mill.

You can see that the’re shielded with a protective carpet fiber coating. This factory coating is what keeps spills from staining your carpet and it also makes vacuuming your carpeting much easier and more effective.

carpet-protection-soil-attack2. Carpet Fibers are under attack by soil, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, dander, and more.

Over time, foot traffic on your carpet causes soil to become ground in and trapped in your carpet’s fibers. To the naked eye dirt has a smooth look to it, but under a microscope soil is revealed to be an abrasive with sharp jagged edges.

All of this soil acts like tiny saws, cutting into the protector, exposing and damaging the delicate fibers.

Now exposed, spills and soil can penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, causing the “ugly out” look much quicker. It can also expose the fibers to the possibility of permanent staining – eventually leading to it wearing out.


3. The solution is to RENEW your carpet protection.carpet-protection-renew-protection

Renewing carpet protection after each cleaning reinforces your carpet’s original factory protectant. Spills will become easier to remove, vacuuming will become much more effective and most importantly, your carpets will look better for longer. That is why nearly all carpet manufactures recommend renewing carpet protection after each cleaning.

Make your carpets last longer – protect them!

You home and family deserve all of the health benefits that professional cleaning and carpet protectant’s can provide.