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Area Rug Cleaning

If you have rugs in your home, they work great to add style to any room, offer comfort on wood or tile floors, and offer protection in carpeted rooms. However, rugs can be very difficult to clean. If your rugs have dirt buildup from usage over time, or they have stains, and you haven’t been able to get them as clean as you want, opt for our rug cleaning service at Contour Cleaning.

We will get your rugs clean using our gentle hot water extraction method. This steam cleaning service is nontoxic and is designed to be gentle on rugs that are otherwise difficult to clean without causing damage. This extraction method will release and lift stains and dirt, leaving your rugs looking great again. Whether you have small rugs or large ones, we are happy to assist you. Our nontoxic hot water extraction cleaning methods can be used on many rugs of a variety of different colors, without the worry of fading or color bleeding.

Do You Have An Area Rug In Need Of Professional Cleaning?

There are some rug types in which we are not equipped to clean on site. These include some wool rugs and delicate hand woven rugs. We would be happy to take a look to determine the best action to cleaning your particular rugs!

We do offer offsite rug spa cleanings as well, which are ideal for the most thorough cleaning possible for your area rugs. Our rug spa offers repairs & submerged rug washing. Contact us for further information for your specific area rug.

Types of Area Rugs we Clean:

  • Natural: Wool, Cotton, & Mixed
  • Synthetic: Olifen, Nylon, Polyester

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